eSports is changing. eSports in the world and more specifically Oceania, our region, is growing. It is growing at unfathomable rates. 2017 will big one of the biggest years for esports yet and it’s only getting bigger. Alpha Sydney prides ourselves on our ability to adapt and take leadership to move forward. It is why we have decided to rebrand our image. This rebranding is not just a new look for Alpha Sydney, it is a step moving forward in our goal to be represented by the best teams in Oceania as well as in a different direction by beginning to focus on the brand development of our players.

Our new image will encapsulate what we want to be represented as. This new sleek and professional outlook will enable us to go further with Alpha Sydney and better develop the organisation brand and the individual players as well.

Moreover, to enhance this new image of Alpha Sydney, we will be releasing much more content for you to engage with the players. This will include player interviews, montages etc. We want our fans to know who the players are and what they are like. To better understand the player’s personalities will make the viewership and engagement of Esports that much better.

The management at Alpha Sydney has worked tirelessly to bring you this news and Owner Greg “Doss” Moularas had this to say “I would like to thank everyone that was involved with the rebranding of Alpha Sydney. I am very excited to bring our organisation into 2017 with bigger and better things planned”.

This is esports. This, is Alpha Sydney.

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