ESL enters Oceanic Rocket League

The Oceanic Rocket league scene has seen tremendous growth in the past month. With a top 4 national LAN final tournament for the auRocet league as well as entrance of the Hyper tournaments another big league has entered the scene. ESL is seen as one of the biggest eSport leagues in the world. Hosting both regional and international events in a myriad of games, the entrance of this prestigious league into the Oceanic Rocket League scene is a leap in the right direction.

Already the ESL tournaments have shown tremendous success with a large amount of teams and almost every single top team competing in these weekly tournaments. More investment like this into the Oceanic Rocket League scene will see us to continue to grow in the right direction, ultimately being able to participate in the RLCS or having our own variant.

Although the ESL tournament will only have online participation at this stage, continued support and other LAN tournaments will hopefully gain the scene the right investment to begin more physical events.

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