The team here at Alpha Sydney is excited to be kicking off the latest addition to the AS family, the content creation team. The dangerous duo of Oasis and Coco will be creating and directing respectively, to push Alpha Sydney’s content and brand to the next level.

With only a month under her belt, OasisOnOverwatch has grown from zero to hero, reaching one million views on her YouTube channel just yesterday. Oasis represents the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the Alpha Sydney novel, here is what Greg “Doss” Mouralas, owner of Alpha Sydney, had to say: “I am very excited with the new direction that we are going with Alpha Sydney, focussing on the promotion and progress of local content creators. Oasis represents the highest level of creators in the Australasian region, and we are totally stoked to have her as a part of our team.”

Not only is Oasis joining our team, but leading our content to victory will be social media superstar Coco Yip, who will be taking on the role as Alpha Sydney’s Creative Director. With extensive marketing and eSports knowledge, Coco will be the lifeblood of Alpha Sydney’s social presence. Here is what she had to say about joining Alpha Sydney: “I am really excited to be a part of one of Oceania’s leading eSports organisations, and I am eager to show the region what I am capable of.”


Oasis’ Channel Here

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