Question (Shippal): Do you guys scrim with any NA or EU teams to improve your pool of competition?

Answer: Of course we would like to have the opportunity to scrim high level teams from other regions, but a large ping difference wouldn’t make the games very competitive or helpful for practice. One of the two teams would be playing on 300 ping.


Question (YahooYoshi): Hello! I have been writing about the OPL for Smite Mag for awhile now and I was curious if you think Hi-Rez does enough to promote the smaller regions.

Answer: Honestly I think Hi-Rez generally does a pretty solid job, it could be better. For some reason oce wasn’t invited to dreamhack for no explained reason. With other smaller regions getting invited, it was distasteful to say the least.Question: Also, is Crikeydile Sobek your favorite skin in the game because he is Australian?

Answer: Red Sobek is the best skin, others might disagree.


Question (Jdanielg91): How has it been working with Shing?

Answer: Shing has been really good, i wasn’t expecting such a professional attitude considering how jovial he is known to be. He’s really helped grind out some of our bigger issues and has been fun to work with.


Question: How long have you been playing smite and when did you decide to try and go pro?

Answer: I’ve only been playing smite for around a year, which makes me by far the newest player in pro league right now. I had no intention of going pro, I wanted to play challengers cup for fun at the time. However my career got accelerated with Corvidaes free entry to pro league due to the Tainted Minds roster disbanding.

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